Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Well that just takes the cake...

As of September 16th, this will be my new home.

I was offered a position at the bakery and I guess you could say that I was more than elated. I was fanfreakingtastically excited about it. By no means does this make me some kind of master cake decorator, but it's a foot in the right direction and at this point it's what matters.

I had a co-worker today say to me "I'm glad that you got a job doing something you love. It took me til I was 30 to get to that point and you get the advantage of starting out in the right direction a bit earlier."

That right there was gold. It's true. To many it may seem like a silly job at a bakery but for me it's a wide open door to a plethora of possibilities. Baking and decorating is something that makes me feel fulfilled and having a job where I get to be around that every day is just what I need at this point.

I'm sure once I start working there I'll have more to say but at this point, I'm just happily speechless.

Have your cake and eat it too. Really.