Monday, February 1, 2010

Sweet Monday

Though most of us "normal" people in the world have little appreciation for Mondays, I figure it would be a good idea to have a regular post on Mondays just to make people smile. Whether it's a cute baking idea I've found, maybe a little cartoon, or a funny story, I hope it makes everyone's Monday just a little bit sweeter.

I was browsing over at CakeSpy (btw: I want every single piece of merchandise with those cute watercolor cupcakes!) and found this post about 50 Ways To Kill a Twinkie. I think my favorite sequence is where they make croutons out of the fried twinkie and then proceed to serve them on a salad. When you're expecting croutons, friend twinkies must taste so gross! I wonder how a fried twinkie tastes anyway...(note to self:pretty much anything fried tastes good!)

And now for something completely different:

Hello Naomi was my inspiration for the Robot Cupcakes and I wanted to share another adorable set of cupcakes that she made. Seeing what she comes up with really gets my brain cranking on great ideas for cupcakes. Take a look:

I hope you have a Sweet Monday!


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