Sunday, July 11, 2010

Love Bird Cupcakes

These are my good friends Gabe and Rachael and they are getting married on August 8th.
They recently had a joint wedding shower/engagement party to celebrate their upcoming wedding. When Rachael's mom called me and asked if I could bake some treats for the party of course I was excited to help!

Rachael, though she considers me very creative, is very creative herself and I've been quite impressed with how she's planned and designed her wedding. I have a feeling it will be a very beautiful wedding! Even her engagement photos with Lisa Hessel were adorably cute and well thought out. (Check them out here.) Her wedding has a vintage picnic theme and I thought I would incorporate that into the treats I made for the shower. She had the fantastic idea of having the guests sit on picnic blankets at the wedding with little birds hand stitched on the corners of each blanket. See?
You can see more of her wonderful ideas over on her blog, Bride on a Budget.

I'm a huge huge cupcake fan. As much as I love designing cakes, I really love the versatility you can have with cupcakes and how you can use each cupcake as an individual canvas or you can spread it out and use a whole tray of cupcakes as one large canvas. 

In sticking with the bird theme I was getting from Rachael's design aesthetic I decided to use a whole bunch of cupcakes as one large canvas for a beautiful design of two birds on branches facing each other with a heart in between, much like the design on the picnic blankets. Here are some of my photos from the project that day.

I think the cupcakes were a hit because before I could get one after eating lunch, they were all gone! This was definitely a fun project and I'd love to have more like these because who doesn't love cupcakes! 

I think my next project might be a treat for the bachelorette party! 


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