Sunday, April 4, 2010

I survived Easter.

I'm very proud of myself because I made it through easter without inhaling too much of the sugary confections that go along with the holiday.

All in all I consumed:
Jelly Beans: 5
Mini Reeses Eggs: 3
Peeps: 1
Mini Laffy Taffy: 2
Nerds: a very small handful

And walla. I will say most of the candy I consumed was because my adorable little nephew Jeffrey was kind enough to share some of his Easter Basket candy with me. He was very excited about the prospect of us eating the same exact candy at the same exact time.

It was fun watching his eyes light up with every little easter egg he opened to see what was inside. He wanted to consume the majority of it with each egg that was opened and soon he had the type of energy I can only dream of having again someday. He was running up and down the block, riding his tricycle, wanting to tickle me, and playing hide and go seek. It's always a good time with Little Man. The most memorable part of it all was this moment.

It's time for Jeffrey to eat dinner and we asked him what he wanted to eat a few times and got random responses like Chicken Bread (?) and Chicken Soap...someone like's chicken. He soon forgot about the task at hand about deciding on dinner and ran off to play again. I grabbed his attention and said, "Jeffrey, what would you like for dinner?" and he excitedly responded "How about sugaaaaaaaar?!"

Laughing...dying laughing...and dead.

What a kid thing to say. After consuming candy all day long he wants sugar for dinner.

Ahhh. Well since my body won't allow for the copious amounts of candy handed out on Easter it was fun to live vicariously through Jeffrey. Actually, I'm sure my body could handle the candy, but my jeans sure won't be liking my big butt later.

I'm proud of myself though, I managed to walk away from Easter pretty unscathed. I hope you all had a wonderful day!! Happy Easter...


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