Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I was honored to bake a very fun cake for Kristen and her daughter Jadyn who turned 3 in the month of March. I met Kristen through the great wedding season of 08 when she photographed our friend's wedding and we discovered she was good friends with our wedding photographer Lisa. What a small world! Jadyn is a big Dora and Diego fan and when Kristen asked me to bake a cake with Jadyn's favorite characters on there I was really excited about the challenge. It was my first two tiered fondant cake and it came with it's challenges and lessons and I will definitely make changes the next time, but I was impressed at the outcome. And glad to have it off of my hands because that little cake caused me a lot of stress. Wink ;) You can't believe how many times I woke up in the middle of the night to check on that cake. With a few minor issues, the cake survived and I hope that Kristen and Jadyn enjoyed it!!

One of the great perks about baking over at my parents is using my mom's kitchen aid mixer. I find that if you let it go for a bit the cake comes out nice and fluffy. I might just have to invest in one of these.

I'm still so happy with this marshmallow fondant recipe. Over time it's been so easy to work with and so accommodating. (And such a money saver...plus!)

I still need to perfect the perfect consistency of cake thickness and balance so that the top tier isn't too heavy. The bottom tier sank a little and I need to also work on carving the cake some because I want the fondant to sit smoother on the cake. Still lots to learn but I have to start somewhere!

The finished product!!


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